Molecular Sieve Desiccant

How does it work:

Molecular Sieves are synthetically produced Zeolites characterized by pores of uniform dimensions. Their unique structure allows the water of crystallization to be removed, leaving a porous crystalline structure. These pores, or "cages", want to re-absorb water or other molecules. Aided by strong ionic forces, the Molecular Sieve will absorb a considerable amount of water or other fluids. If the fluid to be absorbed is a polar compound, it can be absorbed with high loadings even at very low concentrations of the fluid. This strong absorptive force allows Molecular Sieves to remove many gas or liquid impurities to very low levels (PPM or less).

Temperature & Humidity Considerations:

Molecular Sieves retain their ability to absorb water molecules over a much wider spectrum of temperatures than other desiccant materials. Molecular Sieves also have a much higher equilibrium capacity for water vapor under very low humidity conditions. Molecular Sieves are very effective in reducing the water vapor content of gases in the parts per million range.




Both Type 13X and Type 4A can be regenerated by evacuating or purging, usually at elevated temperatures. The purge gas temperature must be sufficiently high to bring the Molecular Sieve to a level of 400-600° F, but not exceed 1000° F. The degree of regeneration for Type 4A depends on the temperature and humidity of the purge gas and can strongly affect attainablility of the product purity. A thoroughly regenerated Molecular Sieve can produce water dew points below -150° F and CO2 levels less than 5 ppmv. The degree of regeneration for Type 13X depends on the temperature, pressure and humidity of the purge gas and affects the exit stream purity. It is possible to dry fluids to less than 0.1 ppm Hp and purity to less than 1 ppm total sulfur and CO2. Activated Alumina - If heated to approximately 200°C, the absorption process is reversed and the alumina will release the water it has absorbed.

Compatible Brands of Plastic Resin Dryers

AEC, Aircel, Bry-Air, Carewell, Cactus, Compair, Conair, Dehutech, DeVill Bliss, Desiccare, Domnick, Drierite, Drieaz, DRI-AIR, DRYMAX, Dry Pak, Drytech, EZ-Dry, Fluid Energy, Foremost, General Air, Generon, Grace, Graco, Hunter, King, Lectrodryer, LPS, Mastsui, Motan, Multisorb, Novatek, Parker, Pelco, Phonosorb, Piovan, Process Control, Reco, Quincy, Sorbent Systems, Stulz, Stylair, Temptek, Thoreson-McCosh, UNA-DYN, Van Air, Walton Stout, Whitlock, Wittman